Network Latency Requirements Between TiDB Components

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Original topic: tidb组件之间网络延迟要求

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What is the network latency requirement between TiDB components? The network latency between our data center and Alibaba Cloud machines is 4ms. Can they be mixed?
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TiDB has high bandwidth requirements.

Network latency should be acceptable. Check out this test:

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It is not recommended to mix deployments like this. If you want to migrate to Alibaba Cloud, you can directly use TiCDC, which has basically no impact on local business. After signing the application, you can directly switch the address.

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The method of deploying a new cluster is not feasible for our actual situation. We want to migrate to Alibaba Cloud by adding and removing nodes.

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Why not just copy it? Set up a cluster on Alibaba Cloud and synchronize it to achieve consistency.

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4ms is already very low, it can basically be considered as a large intranet. You can test it first and see, it doesn’t seem to be a big problem.

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4ms is almost no latency…

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