New Cluster Stability Testing

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Original topic: 新集群稳定性测试

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The new cluster operation and maintenance has just been set up. May I ask the community experts, in which scenarios and under what circumstances might the cluster become unavailable? How can I test these scenarios to avoid pitfalls in the future? I’m a newbie just getting to know TiDB, seeking guidance.

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I suggest you read the documentation before practicing~

Before doing anything, search here first, look at some practices and documentation, don’t do it blindly! This can help you avoid 90% of the pitfalls.

Check if the configuration meets the official requirements, reasonable configuration can reduce half of your problems~

First, take a look at your screenshot: Go to TiDB Dashboard - Cluster Info - Hosts and take a screenshot of this page

Does it meet the requirements:

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Do you have practical experience? Learn a bit.

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Could you share the deployment details so we can see what can be done?

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Deploy according to the topology structure guided by the official website, then randomly manually take down some nodes to see if the cluster can still provide services normally.

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The general idea is to kill a certain component, disconnect the network, and simulate a power outage.

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Thank you :pray:

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