Occasionally, when executing delete or update, the Coprocessor execution takes a long time until it times out

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Original topic: 偶尔出现执行 delete或者 update 的时候,Coprocessor 执行耗时很长,直到超时

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v5.3.0
[Reproduction Path] Occurs occasionally, relatively frequently over a period of time
[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact]
When executing delete or update, the Coprocessor execution takes a long time until it times out. Indexes have been added. This issue does not always reproduce, it appears occasionally. This problem greatly affects business operations. From which aspects should this issue be investigated?
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Check if there is a lock conflict, it seems like a read-write conflict.

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It seems that there is a problem with the SQL wait details displayed on the 5.3 dashboard. According to your screenshot, the wait time for the lock is 0, but in reality, it is probably still a lock issue.

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When the issue occurred, I specifically checked information_schema.data_lock_waits and did not find any records.

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Is there any special information in the last two tabs?

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The default timeout for the database is 50 seconds. It might have timed out based on the execution time. Check the database logs.

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It should be that the transaction was not committed, causing a lock conflict. This SQL has been waiting and will roll back by itself after the default 50 seconds.

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It should be lock waiting.