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Original topic: insert into select优化

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Testing Situation
create table t2 like t1;
insert into t2 select * from t1;
t1 has about 4 million rows of data, consuming more than 3G of memory.
We have a lot of such data to migrate, and currently, the memory consumption is very high. Besides adding where conditions to migrate in batches, is there any other good solution?

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Have you tried the import/export tool?

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Try dumpling+lighting

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Using dumpling would be better.

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Would importing and exporting be faster? For example, tools like mysqldumper.

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When importing and exporting, is it better to change the table name using parameters or by modifying the SQL file? Modifying the file can be cumbersome when dealing with large amounts of data.

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It is best to write in batches by segmenting the primary key. Using limit for pagination is also very suboptimal.

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After exporting from db1.t1, import it into db2.t1, which is a table with the same name in another database. Create a new database named db2. After the import is complete, rename it.

rename table db2.t1 to db1.t2;

Something like this will work. You don’t need to change a bunch of table names, just change the database name.

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Using export and import tools, the memory consumption of the TiDB server should decrease somewhat.

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Refer to the non-transactional statement processing method: BATCH | PingCAP 文档中心

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