Optimization of Table Creation in TiDB Database

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Original topic: TIDB数据库创建表优化

| username: 每天当牛马

Creating tables in TiDB takes a long time. For tables below 5000, the creation time is as shown. When the number of tables reaches 60,000, creating a similar table takes 400ms. Are there any solutions to optimize the table creation speed?

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There’s no good solution. Why did you create so many tables?

| username: 每天当牛马 | Original post link

Is it normal for the table creation time to increase as the number of tables increases due to project requirements?

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Why create so many tables at once? If the number is large, create the tables in batches. Secondly, optimize the table structure: check whether the table structure is reasonable and whether there are unnecessary fields or indexes.

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This kind of batch table creation time shouldn’t be a major concern, right?

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Creating good indexes is crucial.

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Of course, it’s normal. Metadata such as table information also needs to be maintained.

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:thinking: Would it be better to use partitioned tables? The table name prefixes in the screenshot are all the same.

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Don’t create so many tables.

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Is it possible to merge the data that has been sharded into different databases and tables in TiDB?

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The more tables you create, the larger the metadata table that manages table information becomes, and naturally, the slower it gets.

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Isn’t this fast enough? It’s all at the millisecond level.