Optimization of the tidb_auto_analyze_ratio Parameter

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Original topic: 关于tidb_auto_analyze_ratio参数的优化

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Regarding the tidb_auto_analyze_ratio parameter setting issue
In the official documentation

In the configuration page, the minimum value can be set to 0

However, in SQL 操作常见问题 | PingCAP 文档中心

In the fault diagnosis, fault scenario section, there is indeed the following configuration suggestion

I hope to optimize it and provide more reasonable parameter configuration suggestions.

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This parameter can only be continuously optimized based on the specific system conditions during use, ultimately arriving at a more reasonable configuration.

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That depends on the scenario. The default configuration is 0.5, which means that when more than 50% of the rows in the table are modified, it triggers an automatic ANALYZE update. As mentioned in the issue, because your analyze is not timely enough, you should lower this threshold a bit to make it trigger more effectively.

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If there are no issues, there’s no need to change that parameter.

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I understand what these parameters mean. Let me check if my understanding is correct. In the first image, it means that the range of this parameter value is from 0 to 1. In the second image, the document says that the minimum value of this parameter is 0.3 and cannot be set to a value smaller than 0.3. In the third image, it is set to 0.2. Isn’t it a bit confusing in the same document?

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@heiwandou Is Figure 3 from this document?

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To be on the safe side, when enabling auto analyze, the minimum value of tidb_auto_analyze_ratio is 0.3.

Is this statement debatable?

The restriction of 0.3 was removed from TiDB v3.0.8 to make auto analyze more timely #14015

const (
	minAutoAnalyzeRatio = 0.3

Was the 0.3 restriction removed from TiDB v3.0.8?

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I haven’t studied it in depth and haven’t managed the value of this parameter. It seems there are no issues when using it in the test environment.

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If the table often has unstable execution plans, it might be better to regularly collect statistics using crontab.

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