OSSInsight: Blue Bird Replaces X

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Original topic: ossinsight, blue bird 换 X

| username: ShawnYan

The blue bird (or maybe white bird…) in the upper right corner of ossinsight should be changed to X…

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Keeping up with current events. :joy: :+1:

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Your sense of smell is quite keen.

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The purpose of the icon here is to let everyone immediately get that clicking on it will take them to Twitter. The X logo has just been changed, and in the short term, everyone’s impression of Twitter is definitely still that bird (seeing that bird, the first reaction is Twitter). It’s better not to change it for now—who knows when Musk might change his mind again :joy:

| username: ShawnYan | Original post link

Got it, maybe one day it will turn into a Shiba Inu.


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I support your idea, hahaha. It’s better than X. Now it feels a bit out of place on the website (maybe because I’ve seen too much of the blue bird - -).

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