Panic: failed to connect to database when loading data

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Original topic: panic: failed to connect to database when loading data

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Testing
[TiDB Version] 6.5
[Reproduction Path] Conducting TPC-C test on TiDB
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[Resource Configuration]
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The above error occurred when importing data. I have already created a database named tpcc in advance, but this error still appears.
How to Conduct TPC-C Test on TiDB | PingCAP Documentation Center
I followed the official test steps. Could the experts please provide assistance?

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Try connecting manually to see if it works?

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I can open the tpcc database with Navicat.

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Can multiple -H hosts be specified? Try writing a single one.

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That’s what it says on the official website.

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I tried it individually, but the same problem persists. Didn’t you encounter this issue during your previous stress tests?

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Let me ask a few questions. You confirmed that the host is not written incorrectly, and by default, you are using the root user to log in without a password. Is yours the same?

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Thank you very much, so that’s the reason. I was just foolishly copying and pasting step by step according to the official website.

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