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The 303 course for PCTP certification and the previous v5 302 course have significant differences in content. It feels like v5 focuses more on theoretical principles.

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I recommend an article for you.

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The PCTP V6 exam is indeed more practical.

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The PCTP V6 course needs to be purchased to view; there are no free options available anymore.

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You can redeem through community points.

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Thank you. I read this article, and it says that you only need to take the 303 course to take the PCTP exam. Is that true?

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The 303 course has already been redeemed.

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Is there a free version?

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Yes, it requires points for redemption.

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It’s not really practical. I feel that most of the content is related to data synchronization tools, and reading the documentation a few more times makes it easy to pass.

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I am earning points and preparing for the exam :sparkles:

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Are there any good ways to save up faster?

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Here is a quick guide~

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