PD node fails to start

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Original topic: pd 节点起不来

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One of the PD nodes shows down and cannot start.
The log reports:
[PANIC] [log.go:203] [“tocommit(936081) is out of range [lastIndex(936047)]. Was the raft log corrupted, truncated, or lost?”]
Is it necessary to scale down this PD first and then scale it up again?

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To add, the system logs show that the machine automatically rebooted a few days ago.

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It seems so, everything PANICed…

Looking at the logs, it appears that files were lost.

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If there is an issue with a single node, scaling in and out is the easiest way to solve the problem, and the operation is very simple. If you want to challenge your understanding of TiDB, you can investigate step by step.

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Thank you for your reply. I first scaled down and then scaled up to restore it.

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