Performance Benchmarking Between TiDB and MySQL

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Original topic: TIDB与MYSQL性能对标

| username: ljh_wxy

May I ask if TiDB has any official materials comparing its performance with MySQL?

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The official source does not provide a comparison, but there are benchmark test data available. You can search for MySQL benchmark data comparisons.

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This cannot be benchmarked; you need to do your own POC. Everyone has their own application scenarios.

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Calling on enthusiastic experts to contribute, I also want to know :grin:, it’s a good opportunity to write an article.
Start comparing from the smallest TiDB configuration. Gradually increase the data volume.
Let’s see at what configuration TiDB can surpass MySQL.

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Sorry, I can’t access external links. Please provide the text you need translated.

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When you decide to use sharding in MySQL, try using TiDB.

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Completely not on the same level.