Periodic Inspection Issues

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Original topic: 阶段性巡检问题

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It’s the end of the year, and we need to inspect all databases and produce inspection reports. For TiDB inspections, using Dashboard and Prometheus is sufficient for daily checks, but for inspections at specific stages, does anyone have any inspection scripts to share? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PS: I found some, but they seem a bit inadequate.

I’m thinking of including, but not limited to, the following major sections:
Basic database information (users, database names, database versions, total size, data file locations)
Cluster hardware information (CPU, disk usage, memory, network)
Status of each module (TiDB, PD, TiKV, TiFlash)
Top 10 largest tables
Instance configuration
Lock status
Thread status
Transaction status
SQL section (Top 10 SQL, slow queries, SQL summary, DDL statements)
Index section (usage, tables without indexes)
High availability status (network load, storage, compute nodes)
Database performance queries (load information, which tables need to be analyzed, backup and recovery)
Error information (cluster logs)
Summary (including optimization suggestions and error handling)

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:yum: Marking this for later, waiting for the experts~

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Waiting for the expert.

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I think every aspect is important, such as table heat and instance configuration.

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The key is to create a script. It’s easy to understand when looking at it directly, but converting it into a script is difficult. :joy:

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I developed a script similar to Oracle’s AWR for the MySQL series, but it’s not convenient to make it public.

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Awesome, big boss!

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Understood. Please provide the Chinese text you would like translated into English.

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There is a cluster diagnosis feature in the dashboard that can generate a report similar to an Oracle AWR report, collecting cluster configuration and performance-related data.