Post-Exam Sharing

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Original topic: 考后分享

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  1. The first image shows a screenshot of a forum post discussing TiDB, a distributed SQL database. The user is asking about the performance of TiDB in handling large-scale data and complex queries.

  2. The second image is a response to the first post, where another user explains that TiDB is designed to handle large-scale data and complex queries efficiently. They mention that TiDB uses a distributed architecture and supports horizontal scaling, which allows it to handle large amounts of data and complex queries without significant performance degradation.

  3. The third image is another response, where a user shares their experience with TiDB. They mention that they have been using TiDB for a while and have found it to be very reliable and performant. They also highlight that TiDB’s compatibility with MySQL makes it easy to integrate with existing systems.

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Sharing? Do you mean screenshots?

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Excellent, this is not sharing, this is showing off :100: :100: :100: :100: :100:

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This is advanced Versailles~

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Awesome, boss! Please share your experiences and tips with everyone.

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Showing off scores?

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tp passed with high scores, impressive

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Awesome, awesome :+1:, this is advanced and flashy.

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Advanced bragging

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Thought it was sharing, but actually it’s showing off.

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Is this sharing in France?

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The score is too high.

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How familiar do you need to be with this…

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All that’s left is envy.

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Could you please share the materials?

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:+1: Looking for information

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Requesting information.

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What did this share…

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Please share study materials.

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As long as you watch the corresponding videos and do more experiments, it’s fine. Study materials or notes that you take yourself are easier to remember. Reading others’ notes is not as effective as watching videos and understanding them in detail.