[Product Information Early Access] Version 7.1.0 is officially live! Come and try it out!

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Original topic: 【产品信息早知道】7.1.0 已经正式上线!快来试用吧!

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:dove:【Product Information Early Access】

Newly Released Versions:

:radio_button: v7.1.0 Release Date: 2023.05.31 (Freshly released last night)
Documentation Link: TiDB 7.1.0 Release Notes | PingCAP 文档中心
:radio_button: v6.5.2 Release Date: 2023.04.21
Documentation Link: TiDB 6.5.2 Release Notes | PingCAP 文档中心

Planned Releases:

:radio_button: v6.5.3 Planned Release Date: 2023.06.14
:radio_button: v7.2.0-DMR Planned Release Date: 2023.06.29

Versions in Scheduling (Release Date Not Announced):

v6.1.7 v5.4.4 v5.3.5 v5.2.5 v5.0.7 v4.0.17

TiDB Version Plan Details:

TiDB Roadmap:

TiDB Feature Request Pool:

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Hurry up and use it. How can you say you’ve used TiDB if you’re not using the latest version? Go go go, let’s do it!

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Planning to upgrade to 6.5.3 in a few days to give it a try.

| username: Anna | Original post link

Start using it right away.

| username: tomxu | Original post link

Top top top top top top

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This speed is impressive.

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Top top :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Start using it right away.

| username: Billmay表妹 | Original post link

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