Program Error: Lost Connection to MySQL Server

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Original topic: 程序报错:lost connection to mysql server

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[TiDB Version] v5.0.3
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Around 2023-12-13 00:53:00, the business program experienced a connection drop with the error “lost connection to mysql server,” as shown below:

Checking the TiDB node logs at 2023-12-13 00:53:00, there were many error messages, as shown below:

Note: None of the nodes were restarted.

This issue also occurred once some time ago. Experts, please help analyze it.

From the monitoring, the CPU suddenly dropped around 00:00.

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Need assistance from an expert.

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If it doesn’t work, just disable async commit.

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The async commit is controlled by the parameter tidb_enable_async_commit, right? But why can’t I find this parameter?

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Another issue is that when async commit fails, why does the client error show “lost connection to MySQL server”?

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You can check it by using select @@tidb_enable_async_commit;.

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Oh, I suspect it might be a bug with async commit :thinking:. Maybe try upgrading. Or try disabling this feature.
Mainly based on the log speculation…

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I tried to disable async commit, but according to the monitoring, there are still some Async Commit Transactions.

What additional information is needed to pinpoint the exact cause?

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:thinking: It seems that downgrading is not supported yet…

How about considering upgrading to version 5.0.6? Minor version upgrades are generally quite safe.

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I see that version 5.0.4 has fixed a similar async commit bug. Check if the issue exhibits the same behavior. :thinking:

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The phenomenon seems to be somewhat different.

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Based on the literal understanding of this error, the connection to the server was interrupted. The reason might be that the query volume was too large, leading to a timeout and interruption. Besides tracing the corresponding script and optimizing the statements, you can also adjust the relevant timeout settings, such as connection timeout, query timeout, and execution timeout.

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It feels like the system synchronization time point has been reset to zero.

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Do you mean the time point of the system’s NTP time synchronization?