Questions about Key TiFlash Concurrency Parameters?

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Original topic: 关键tiflash并发参数疑问?

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May I ask, what is the difference between the parameters task_scheduler_active_set_soft_limit and tidb_max_tiflash_threads?
If tidb_max_tiflash_threads is set to 32, does that mean the concurrency for TiFlash is 32?

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The tidb_max_tiflash_threads parameter refers to a single SQL statement having a concurrency of 32?

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The maximum is probably this much.

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You can refer to this, it refers to the maximum SQL concurrency per TiFlash node.

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This parameter is used to set a soft limit on the active task set of the TiDB task scheduler. When the number of tasks exceeds this limit, the scheduler will attempt to reduce the execution frequency of certain tasks to avoid system overload. This parameter helps maintain system stability and prevents performance degradation caused by an excessive number of tasks.


This parameter is used to set the maximum number of threads for the TiFlash engine. TiFlash is the columnar storage engine of TiDB, responsible for handling a large number of analytical queries. By adjusting the tidb_max_tiflash_threads parameter, you can control the concurrent processing capability of the TiFlash engine, thereby optimizing query performance.

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Is it the largest?

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I have encountered the same problem. It seems that the tidb_enable_clustered_index parameter is not set to ON.