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I want to ask about the pd configuration with the labels option, but the labels queried from the command line are using the tiflash engine. I don’t quite understand this. By default, shouldn’t it be [“tikv”, “tiflash”, “tidb”]? So shouldn’t show placement labels also show three?
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Squatting for a hand

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It was mentioned in the official manual, right?

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It seems like there is a misunderstanding. Placement labels are the placement strategy for the smallest unit of data, as shown in the image:

In fact, there are only two types of data storage engines:

  • Row storage: TiKV
  • Column storage: TiFlash

However, since TiKV or TiFlash can have many node instances, how to place the data optimally, or more appropriately, can be manually adjusted…

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Take a look at show placement.