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I have a question about the official documentation here. Could experienced experts please explain?

  1. Is there any requirement for the path where the created Changefeed configuration file is saved as changefeed.toml?
  2. After creating the Changefeed configuration file, do I need to execute any commands to create the synchronization task?
  3. What is the principle of creating a synchronization task in the form of a file? Or what is the difference compared to the following method?
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For simple scenarios, commands can handle it. However, for complex scenarios, such as some authentication configurations for Kafka and some configuration information for S3, it becomes more complicated. Using configuration files can retain the necessary information, making it much easier to use later on.

It seems there are no requirements for the path, but when importing the config, you definitely need to specify the path.

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No requirements, just configure the config parameters to the corresponding toml file path at startup!

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The principle of creating a synchronization task in file form is that you specify the data source and target that need to be synchronized, as well as other related configuration parameters, through a configuration file. TiCDC captures changes from the data source based on the information in the configuration file and sends them to the target storage, achieving real-time data synchronization.

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