Questions About the Raft Majority Principle

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Original topic: 关于 raft 大多数原则的疑问

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When initializing a TiDB cluster, the default number of replicas is set to 3. If the number of TiKV instances is 1 during cluster initialization, the database tables will have 1 region group with 1 peer. In theory, this does not comply with the majority principle of Raft, but in practice, the cluster can still read and write. What is the principle behind this?

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Because it is equivalent to 1 replica. Configuring 3 actually has no effect.

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When initializing a TiDB cluster, you can install 1 PD, 1 TiDB, and 1 TiKV, but high availability will be lost.

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Then it means there is no high availability, treat it as a test environment.

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My test environment is just like this.

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1 copy

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It’s equivalent to your settings overriding the default values.

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What if there are 2 TiKV instances? Has anyone tried it?

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The number of tikv instances when initializing the cluster is 1, which means it is not highly available.

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What I understand is that at this time it should be 1 replica.

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KV instance and raft replica are two different things, right?

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Single node, even if placed on one instance, the instance failure still does not provide high availability.

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Without high availability, this issue is not involved.

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I want to see the official explanation about this mechanism. It’s quite interesting: if the number of TiKV instances is expanded at this time, the number of region peers will increase accordingly until it meets the definition of placement rules.

| username: MrSylar | Original post link

Thinking about Raft.

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There is no high availability.

| username: MrSylar | Original post link

Logically, I haven’t made any “active” settings. I guess the TiDB database has some “mechanism” here, but I haven’t found any content about raft mentioning this.

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A region will have 2 peers. At this time, if one TiKV instance is forcibly down, read and write will report an error ERROR 9005 (HY000): Region is unavailable.

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The default setting for the number of replicas is 3, and it is expected that a region includes 3 peers. When initializing, if there is only one TiKV instance, only 1 peer is actually generated, but the database is still available at this time.

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