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.PHONY: tazel, is tazel meaningless?

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You can take a look at this,
The .PHONY target overrides this last behavior and lets the make build execute no matter the presence of a file named build.
The above example uses build as an example.

So after setting .PHONY: tazel, and without the configuration for make tazel appearing, it should mean there is a file or directory named tazel. You can indeed find a tazel under /tools/.

Moreover, the .PHONY: tazel configuration is not present in the makefile of version 7.0. This configuration appears precisely in version 7.1 along with the /tools/tazel directory.

This is the significance of the existence of .PHONY: tazel.

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Now, we use Gazelle to generate the Bazel config. But it will not generate the flaky or timeout item in the Bazel config. We need a tool to help us fill them in.

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Thank you, the usage of bazel is a bit different.

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Just understood, tazel = tidb + bazel

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