Questions About TiKV Space Usage

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Original topic: 关于 TIKV 空间使用的疑问

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The logs in the LOCK CF of TiKV are all appended and not deleted. In the long run, won’t this waste space?

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There is gc + compact recycling.

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Isn’t the TiKV space mostly occupied by the default CF and write CF? The lock CF is very, very small.

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That’s right, and GC will free up space.

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lock column family: Used to store pessimistic locks for pessimistic transactions and the first phase Prewrite locks for distributed transactions. After a user’s transaction is committed, the corresponding data in the lock column family is quickly deleted, so in most cases, the data in the lock column family is minimal (less than 1GB). If the data in the lock column family increases significantly, it indicates that a large number of transactions are waiting to be committed, and the system has encountered a bug or failure.

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There is GC for reclamation.

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The data in the lock cf is very small and disappears after the transaction is committed.
What you are referring to as continuously appending is the raftcf, right? This will generate raft log compaction.

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Is there any way to prove that the space has been reclaimed?

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GC recycling

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Using GC for reclamation, if not reclaimed, space will definitely become an issue.

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Post-recovery stage

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Isn’t GC supposed to reclaim it?

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