ReadIndex Question: Is it Serialized Writing and Application?

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Original topic: readindex疑问:难道是序列化的写和应用吗?

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How are long-uncommitted transaction raft logs handled???

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There is no inherent connection between transactions and raft logs.

Raft logs are the persistent storage of keys.

Transactions achieve their purpose by adding, deleting, and modifying keys using three column families (CFs).

Each addition or deletion of a key is persisted through the raft log.

Long-running uncommitted transactions actually prewrite a batch of keys but do not commit them. Raft logs are persisted rhythmically. However, when reading, due to the timestamp restrictions, uncommitted keys cannot be read. These keys remain unreadable until they are either committed or rolled back.

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When performing DML modifications, a transaction will definitely be committed, even if it only modifies one piece of data. Before the transaction is committed, will the raft log be written back?

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What are the different states recorded in the Raft log? Commit, rollback, or what else?

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When writing a transaction, just tell the underlying layer:
default needs to write a key, writecf needs to write a key, lockcf needs to write a key. This is the meaning.

Because TiKV is not confident in writing these keys to just one machine, it will write to multiple machines to be assured. This coordination process is Raft.
That’s roughly the relationship.

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When writing data, the lock in the lock cf not disappearing means that I haven’t committed, but have already updated N entries. Finally, this transaction was rolled back. Will the raf log record this transaction rollback?

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Raft will record, and rollback will write a bunch of delete keys.
The Raft log will synchronize this key to other nodes.

It’s similar to a eunuch passing a message:
The emperor says: Today, everyone gets a raise.
The eunuch shouts: The emperor says there’s a raise, shouting all the way from the main hall to the gate.
The emperor then says: No raise.
The eunuch shouts: No raise.

What the eunuch shouts is the Raft log.

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Very easy to understand.

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The examples given are good…

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I actually understood it.

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That is equivalent to a completed notepad.