Refer to H2 Database to Implement Connection to Multiple Modes and Support Various Database Standards

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Original topic: 参考H2数据库实现连接多种mode,支持多种数据库标准

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The H2 database is a commonly used test database that can be compatible with different database syntax by specifying MODE in the connection string. I feel that this feature is related to whether TiDB can benefit from the wave of domestic adoption. After all, most large-scale enterprises in China probably wouldn’t use MySQL as their core database, and if they are already using MySQL, there wouldn’t be a significant effort to replace MySQL with TiDB.

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:+1: The road is probably quite long.

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It’s laborious and doesn’t seem to achieve the desired effect. Replacements usually have their own business requirements. Syntax sugar and the like can be implemented in the program.

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This is an analysis of market demand and costs. From your company’s strategy, it seems that this approach is not being considered at the moment. Additionally, some companies using MySQL are not considered innovative. Moreover, MySQL itself requires sharding and partitioning for large data volumes, making maintenance relatively more difficult.

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Despite H2 having such good features, I haven’t seen any domestic database developed from H2.

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Learned something new, it’s my first time hearing about H2.

No need to say “temporarily,” being comprehensive and all-encompassing really isn’t that great.

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H2, this is the first time I’ve heard of it.

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The default database for Metabase is H2.

When you download and start it, it uses the H2 database by default. Switching from H2 to MySQL/TiDB midway and exporting the data was a huge hassle. Personally, I’ve had enough of H2. Regardless of its performance, at least the ease of exporting data is not very good.