Regarding PITR's Inability to Restore Data by Table or Database

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Original topic: 关于pitr不能按table或database来恢复数据

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Requirement Feedback
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[Problem Scenario Involved in the Requirement]
When using PITR, it is only possible to perform a full restore or restore data to a snapshot by table or database. Incremental data cannot be restored by table or database.
If I want to restore the incremental data of a specific table, I have to first use PITR to perform a full restore to get the latest data of that table, which is somewhat cumbersome.
[Expected Desired Behavior]
When using PITR, it should be possible to specify the database or table and restore the data to a specified point in time.

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Strongly support :100:

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+1, I have the same requirement. Additionally, it would be best if it supports synchronizing to the existing cluster with a different name during the recovery process. Otherwise, for large table recovery, we have to restore to a new cluster first and then re-import and export again.

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Good requirement

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Good requirement.

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Strongly support :100:

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Technically not very feasible.

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Strong demand

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Should it be called precise recovery?

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Requirement +1

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