Registration Questions for the Fourth Session of PingCAP Partner Learning Accelerator

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Original topic: PingCAP 合作伙伴学习加速营第四期报名疑问

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How can I confirm if my registration was successful after filling out the registration information for the fourth session of the PingCAP Partner Learning Acceleration Camp? The event deadline is January 13, 2023. The event information I see is PingCAP 合作伙伴学习加速营第四期开始招募啦! - 墨天轮.

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After successfully registering, you will receive an official confirmation email. Please be patient.

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Okay, I think I signed up after seeing it last week.

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The event is very popular. To concentrate efficiency, we will send a confirmation email to all registered participants after the registration deadline. Let’s start learning, good luck! :muscle:t2:

| username: 我爱桃花 | Original post link

Okay, got it. Thank you.

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Just watch the official video courses, and you’ll definitely pass.

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Got it.

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