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[TiDB Version] v5.4.0 2tidb 3pd 3kv 1ticdc
[Reproduction Path] The data directory of the ticdc server was damaged, and it is estimated that the data will need to be deleted to restore the storage mount. Currently, the status of this ticdc is down. The question now is whether I can still use the scale-in method to uninstall ticdc? Or is there a better way to handle this ticdc component?
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A single CDC can only scale down and then scale up again. You need to check your own data recovery. If the downstream can tolerate duplicates, you can start at the specified time.

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If two clusters are synchronizing CDC, you can deploy CDC to another cluster. The CDC that is down in cluster A is already marked as down in the PD information, so registering a new CDC from cluster B to the PD of cluster A will not be affected.

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Force scale down, then scale up again, the fastest method.

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The downstream has not started synchronizing data yet.

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Scale down and then scale up.

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Of course, reducing the capacity is the simplest.

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You can scale down and then scale up.

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Since I haven’t done it before, I’m not sure if it will be successful in this situation.

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You can set up a test machine to try it out first. It’s not complicated; a single-machine deployment will do. If the file is gone, you can add the --force parameter to delete it.

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I tested it on a single machine with version 7.1.0:
First, I scaled out and added a CDC node.

root@tidb:~# tiup cluster scale-out tidb-test scale-out-cdc.yml -u root -p
tiup is checking updates for component cluster ...
Starting component `cluster`: /root/.tiup/components/cluster/v1.12.5/tiup-cluster scale-out tidb-test scale-out-cdc.yml -u root -p
Input SSH password:

+ Detect CPU Arch Name
  - Detecting node Arch info ... Done

+ Detect CPU OS Name
  - Detecting node OS info ... Done
Please confirm your topology:
Cluster type:    tidb
Cluster name:    tidb-test
Cluster version: v7.1.0
Role  Host       Ports  OS/Arch       Directories
----  ----       -----  -------       -----------
cdc  8300   linux/x86_64  /tidb-deploy/cdc-8300,/tidb-data/cdc-8300
    1. If the topology is not what you expected, check your yaml file.
    2. Please confirm there is no port/directory conflicts in same host.
Do you want to continue? [y/N]: (default=N) y
+ [ Serial ] - SSHKeySet: privateKey=/root/.tiup/storage/cluster/clusters/tidb-test/ssh/id_rsa, publicKey=/root/.tiup/storage/cluster/clusters/tidb-test/ssh/
+ [Parallel] - UserSSH: user=tidb, host=
+ [Parallel] - UserSSH: user=tidb, host=
+ [Parallel] - UserSSH: user=tidb, host=
+ [Parallel] - UserSSH: user=tidb, host=
+ [Parallel] - UserSSH: user=tidb, host=
+ Download TiDB components
  - Download cdc:v7.1.0 (linux/amd64) ... Done
+ Initialize target host environments
+ Deploy TiDB instance
  - Deploy instance cdc -> ... Done
+ Copy certificate to remote host
+ Generate scale-out config
  - Generate scale-out config cdc -> ... Done
+ Init monitor config
Enabling component cdc
        Enabling instance
        Enable instance success
Enabling component node_exporter
        Enabling instance
        Enable success
Enabling component blackbox_exporter
        Enabling instance
        Enable success
+ [ Serial ] - Save meta
+ [ Serial ] - Start new instances
Starting component cdc
        Starting instance
        Start instance success
Starting component node_exporter
        Starting instance
        Start success
Starting component blackbox_exporter
        Starting instance
        Start success
+ Refresh components conifgs
  - Generate config pd -> ... Done
  - Generate config tikv -> ... Done
  - Generate config tidb -> ... Done
  - Generate config cdc -> ... Done
  - Generate config prometheus -> ... Done
  - Generate config grafana -> ... Done
+ Reload prometheus and grafana
  - Reload prometheus -> ... Done
  - Reload grafana -> ... Done
+ [ Serial ] - UpdateTopology: cluster=tidb-test
Scaled cluster `tidb-test` out successfully

Then I simulated a CDC node failure by deleting the CDC directories with rm.

rm -rf /tidb-deploy/cdc-8300
rm -rf /tidb-data/cdc-8300

After restarting the cluster, I saw that the CDC was offline.

Then I successfully deleted the node with tiup cluster scale-in tidb-test --node If unsuccessful, you can add the --force parameter.

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