Requirement: Want to be able to query usage statistics for all indexes over a period of time

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Original topic: 需求:想要一个能够查询到所有索引一段时间内的使用统计

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Requirement Feedback
Please clearly and accurately describe the problem scenario, desired behavior, and background information to facilitate timely follow-up by the product team.
[Problem Scenario Involved in the Requirement]
Want to query infrequently used, duplicate, and unused indexes for optimization and deletion to free up space.
[Expected Desired Behavior]
Be able to view the usage of all indexes over a period of time in Grafana or the dashboard.
[Alternative Solution for the Requirement]
Record index usage statistics in system tables, and I will query them myself.

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This has indeed been mentioned for a long time…

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Keep bringing it up, and one day it will be scheduled.