Research on the Application of AI, Large Models, and SQL

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Original topic: 大家对AI 、大模型 SQL方面的应用的研究

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Does anyone have any research or directions in SQL/database aspects related to AI and large models? It feels like there’s no topic to discuss with the business without talking about large models and AI nowadays.

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Looking forward to everyone’s discussion and learning.

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It requires a lot of knowledge reserves.

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I just attended the Database Technology Conference, and the latest directions are database AI and in-memory databases.

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I don’t understand, genius.

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:upside_down_face: First, you need to have a graphics card.

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Is there anything for beginners to get started with?

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Do you have any study materials, master?

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AI has only been used, not developed, the requirements are too high.

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How many graphics cards have you hoarded?

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Understood, please provide the Chinese text you need translated.

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Listen to more lectures from the experts. :smiley:

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You need strong computing power support :thinking:

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I have tried Tencent RAG, currently mainly understanding the related scenarios.

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You can take another look at the Dtc ai session.

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How is the training algorithm?

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It feels like it’s still usable for analysis, but not suitable for other purposes.

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Is it useful for production-critical environments?

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I feel the same way~