Retrieve All Partitioned Tables in TiDB

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Original topic: tidb 获取所有分区表

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Query results contain non-partitioned tables

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Partitioned Table | PingCAP Documentation Center

  • Error Occurred:

The result of this SQL statement execution will contain non-partitioned tables

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Isn’t this simple? Just add a condition.

    FROM information_schema.PARTITIONS t
    AND partition_name IS NOT NULL;
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Hmm, this is mainly to report a documentation error.

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Got it~ The issue has been reported~ I’ll CC you when there’s progress.

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PR: partitioned-table: fix a command by ran-huang · Pull Request #13420 · pingcap/docs-cn · GitHub

The related issue has been addressed in the PR. You can check the progress at the PR link.

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:+1: :+1: :+1:

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