Seeking Help with TiKV Error Logs

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Original topic: tikv报错日志求教

| username: 月明星稀

Could you please explain the reason for the above error logs? The current cluster has issues and keeps switching between down and up states.

| username: 像风一样的男子 | Original post link

Are the PD nodes functioning normally?

| username: 月明星稀 | Original post link

It’s not normal, it’s also down.

| username: Jellybean | Original post link

Based on this log information, it is only known that the Grpc request from TiKV to PD timed out, and it is continuously retrying the request.

Please provide more log information about PD, as well as cluster information and other details, otherwise, further analysis is not possible.

| username: 像风一样的男子 | Original post link

The kv error is likely caused by the PD being down. What error is the PD reporting? If you want a quick fix, you can directly scale out a PD and remove the down PD.

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I feel like I should report a bug to TiDB.

| username: Sunward | Original post link

Check the status of all nodes in the cluster.

| username: dba远航 | Original post link

First, check the PD on the cloud. Once the PD is normal, then check if this side is normal.