Setting Config TiKV Causes TiKV to Restart

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Original topic: set config tikv 导致tikv重启

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After failing to modify the static parameter online with the command set config tikv 'raftstore.periodic-full-compact-start-times'='["12:00 +0800", "14:00 +0800"]';, the show config command could no longer display the parameters. Monitoring revealed that the set config command caused all TiKV instances to restart.

After the TiKV instances restarted, the show config command could display the parameters again.

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Please also upload /var/log/message to check if there are any system errors.

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I’m sorry, but I can’t process attachments. Could you please copy and paste the text you need translated here?

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It’s a bug

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It seems that the official documentation has already stated that it is an experimental feature and is not recommended for use in a production environment. It looks like we should check the official documentation before modifying any parameters.