Should memory usage of tidb-server be limited, and how to limit it in version 6.1.0?

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Original topic: tidb-server内存要不要限制,6.1.0怎么限制?

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This TiDB 内存控制文档 | PingCAP 文档中心?

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Since PD and TiDB are deployed together, I’m not sure if PD and TiDB are using too much memory. Should the memory usage of the tidb-server instance be limited? How to limit it in the production environment with version 6.1.0?

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The tidb-server will occupy a relatively large amount of memory. It is best to limit the tidb-server. You can observe the experimental feature in version 6.1.

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Restrictions are still necessary. TiDB can easily run out of memory (OOM). The default 1GB limit for a single SQL execution can be increased a bit.

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