Significant Performance Differences Between TiDB Instances

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Original topic: 各Tidb实例之间性能差异大

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There are two TiDB instances in the cluster. I used sysbench for performance testing without setting up load balancing, and only wrote the IPs of the two TiDB instances in the sysbench configuration file.

After inserting the data, I tested it directly with the same configuration file without any extra operations in between.
I found that the requests distributed to the two TiDB instances were roughly 5:1. Further testing each TiDB instance individually, I found that the instance with fewer requests had a much lower score than the other instance. There were no errors in the logs.

How should I further investigate this? It seems that I haven’t seen any statistical charts on Grafana that can separately observe multiple TiDB instances. :no_mouth:

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Are the server configurations of the two TiDB instances the same? Including the network card.
What about benchmarking them separately?

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The same, the results of the separate stress tests show a significant difference.

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I think I found it, it should be a network issue again, I’ll check it carefully.

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