Slow Field Addition, Unable to Add, System Hangs

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Original topic: 添加字段慢,添加不上卡死

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Data volume around 300,000

Task status is always delete only

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SELECT * FROM mysql.tidb_mdl_view
Check if there is a metadata lock blocking.

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Check if there are any operation groups blocking this table.

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Generally, it is not visible, and your data volume is not large, it shouldn’t be this slow. It is likely that it is locked.

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I checked and it shows up, but it’s not the table where I added the field.

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Does this count as a blockage? The last time a field was added to this table, it also got stuck and didn’t execute. After restarting the database, it was added successfully.

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Suspect there is a lock, check it out.

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If the online database is continuously updating or writing data, and writing data involves starting a transaction, will starting a transaction cause blocking?

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You can kill it.

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There is still a locking issue.

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It is recommended to operate during your free time in the future.

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This is indeed a blockage. Generally, you need to kill the session (session_id column).

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