Slow Log Parameters

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These two slow log parameters, one in TiDB and one in TiKV, what is the difference?

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TiDB has a feature similar to MySQL for recording slow SQL queries. On the TiKV side, it should be the scan tasks on the TiKV side, recording tasks that exceed 1 second. There is a correlation, but the records are different.

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If you want to log slow SQL, use TiDB’s file parameters or system variables. The one in TiKV logs situations where the storage node retrieves records slowly…

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These two parameters focus on different dimensions. The TiDB server focuses on the overall slow SQL execution, similar to MySQL’s slow SQL feature, while TiKV only focuses on slow storage situations. My understanding is that the TiDB server’s slow SQL includes TiKV’s, forming an inclusive relationship.


  • The file for storing slow logs.
  • If this item is not set but log.file.filename is set, slow logs will be output to the log file specified by log.file.filename.
  • If neither this item nor log.file.filename is set, all logs will default to output to "stderr".
  • If both items are set, regular logs will be output to the log file specified by log.file.filename, while slow logs will be output to the log file specified by this configuration item.
  • Default value: “”
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The definition of slow log duration for the two types of nodes, TiKV and TiDB.

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TiDB is the entire cluster, TiKV refers to only the TiKV nodes.

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TiDB should be global, while TiKV is individual.

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You can make a suggestion; the documentation is indeed not clearly described.