Slow System Table Query

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Original topic: 系统表查询慢

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【TiDB Version】 v7.1.1
【Impact of the Bug】 Queries on many system tables are very slow. The slow query list is full of system table query statements, overshadowing the slow queries that actually need attention. The execution plans show memory scans, which is confusing.

【Possible Steps to Reproduce the Issue】

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Here is a text version of the execution plan:

| id                   | estRows  | task | access object | operator info                                                |
| Projection_4         | 10000.00 | root |               | Column#4, Column#8, Column#9, Column#11, Column#12, Column#7 |
| └─MemTableScan_5     | 10000.00 | root | table:COLUMNS | table_schema:["xxxx"], table_name:["tb_xxxx]         |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)
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Could you please post the execution plan?

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This is indeed a common issue… Since system tables are not real physical tables but memory tables, they are scanned in memory. However, if the cluster is large and there are many tables, the query can indeed be slow.

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This shouldn’t affect the business, right?

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Post the execution plan.

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TiDB hasn’t done any specific optimizations for system queries.

Everyone can list the SQL queries that frequently check system tables. We can also involve the PM to take a look.
Optimizing based on specific scenarios is relatively easier to implement.

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It’s always very slow… I can complain.

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Expand memory

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Will it be faster if the SQL upper is removed?

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Is it possible for system tables to have no indexes?

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Could you provide a more detailed execution plan screenshot?

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As long as no conversion is done on the fields in the table, it will not be affected.

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The self-tested flame graph shows that the permission verification overhead is relatively high and needs to be optimized.

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In my test scenario, there is not much difference.

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The official team has optimized the query performance of system tables in version 8.0. Looking forward to the new version.

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