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The disk space of one KV node is only about 500G. I am planning to create several indexes on a large table (10 billion records). Initially, I suspected that due to insufficient space, the index creation might fail or cause other issues. However, upon observation today, the disk space on the machine with less space has not changed much, and the indexes were created successfully. Could someone explain how TiDB plans disk space and the reason behind the issue I encountered? Thank you.
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Is the total space on each machine consistent? What about memory and CPU?

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Except for the disk capacity, the hardware of each machine is exactly the same.

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PD will consider comprehensive factors such as disk capacity, access hotspots, and the number of replicas to schedule the distribution of TiKV regions. In your case, it is possible that the node with smaller disk capacity is not assigned any regions.

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Each Store specifies a Capacity parameter at startup, indicating the storage space limit of the Store. When PD performs scheduling, it will consider the remaining storage space of the node.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation.

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