"Speak Freely Without Burden: What Do You Think is the Purpose of a Community?"

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Original topic: :u7121:包袱畅言,大家觉得一个社区存在的意义是什么?

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What do you think is the significance of the TiDB community?

For example, in my understanding, the community is not just a communication bridge between the product and users!

The community is doing something: giving everyone the opportunity to become a database operations expert!

So what I care about is not the number of registrations or activity levels.

What I care about is: Are you a little better today than you were yesterday? Have you grown a little compared to yesterday?

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Well said :clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Having a place for communication is very important. It’s hard for one person to consider all aspects of a problem. Not all opinions may suit you, but with communication, there are many things you might not have thought of. It’s very likely that an offhand remark from someone else could be very enlightening. Some unforeseen paths may appear, and after trying them, you might find them to be very suitable.

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For users, the role of the community is to absorb and learn from others’ knowledge, harness the collective strength to improve oneself, and thereby solve problems.

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I think it’s about helping each other and improving together. One person’s time and knowledge are limited, but when a group of people help each other and complement each other’s knowledge, it can greatly enhance the speed at which we acquire knowledge.

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Study and improve, become a qualified DBA.

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Well said :clap::clap::clap::clap:

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I think the community is more like a master~
The master leads you to the door, but cultivation depends on the individual. :wink:

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Full of philosophical insight, well said!

In my opinion, the greatest function of the community is to provide an excellent platform for everyone to communicate. With a platform, there will be a collision of different ideas, sparking various inspirations, which helps the platform, products, and individuals to continuously move forward.

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Good place, frequent visits.

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@Billmay’s cousin, wherever you are, you ensure that all participants will grow.

The existence of the community is not only the engine that powers open source but also the most important link connecting all the participants. The process of participation will inevitably bring growth… :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Wishing everyone to gain a lot every day~

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Communication and mutual assistance

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No longer feeling down due to technical difficulties, open source is implemented through technical exchange communities.

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The number of registrations and activity are just results; the goal is to communicate with each other, improve technology, and create better products. :+1:

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Social interaction, support, and assistance

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In order to better solve the problem

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Exchange and learn

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Aspiring to it at least proves that at some point in time, you truly liked this technology and thing.

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Spiritual stronghold~