SQL_MODE Configuration: Removing ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY Ineffective After Restart

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Original topic: SQL_MODE配置,去除ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY重启失效

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[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact] Need to reset after restart. Is there a way to set it by default at startup, similar to the my.cnf configuration file in MySQL?
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After setting sql_mode to global, will it be persisted to the cluster?

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“Users need SUPER privileges to set the GLOBAL level SQL mode,” this permission needs to be checked.

According to the official documentation, it is possible to set global system variables, and once set, global system variables will be persisted to the cluster. Ideally, the situation you mentioned should not occur.

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Is it executing set session? Global should be persistent.

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Global is persistent. If the setting is lost after restarting the server, you can report a bug.

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Is it at the global level?

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