Statistics and Execution Plans

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Original topic: 关于统计信息以及执行计划

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Does the statistical information only affect the index of the execution plan and the join order? If the chosen index and join order are correct, will the statistical information not affect the final execution time?

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An SQL statement is usually optimized during the physical optimization phase based on statistical information (such as table row count, column details, index information, etc.), so the final execution plan is influenced by the statistical information. Moreover, the accuracy of a plan is determined by the system based on the current available information (including statistical information) and will automatically adjust to what it considers the optimal solution, even if the final execution result is not the best.

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Yes, if the execution plan generated with incorrect statistics is the same as the one generated with correct statistics, the final execution effect will be the same.

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Statistics are used as a reference for cost when generating a physical execution plan, but they cannot determine execution time. Execution time is the actual time spent on CPU, I/O, network communication, etc.

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I think your understanding is correct. It’s not necessary to insist that table health is 100%.

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Statistics are only a reference factor when generating the execution plan. Once the execution plan is generated, the execution speed is not affected by the statistics.

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The role of statistics is to enable the database system to more accurately understand the distribution and quantity of data, so as to generate more accurate execution plans.

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If the execution plan is not considered, statistical information does not affect the final execution time.

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The execution plan is based on statistical information, and incorrect statistical information may result in an incorrect execution plan, leading to a significant drop in query performance.