Statistics for several tables remain at 0

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Original topic: 统计信息有几个表一直为0

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There are still values of 0, and the health values of two tables remain unchanged

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Perform an analyze, and at the same time, show analyze status to check the progress.

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Check if mysql.analyze_jobs has any historical failure records.

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How much data is there?

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Why must it be non-zero?

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Is there no data in the table?

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Automatic statistics collection generally has a threshold parameter (tidb_auto_analyze_ratio). When the threshold is reached, automatic statistics collection will be triggered. If the amount of changed data is too small or the amount of data in the table is too small, it may not trigger automatic statistics collection. You can try using the ANALYZE TABLE command to manually collect statistics and see the results.

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How large is the amount of data in the table?

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If the table has not been analyzed and counted, this might happen. It could be due to no data or too little data.

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There are requirements for the number of table records and table changes.

Trigger strategy: If a new table reaches 1000 records and there is no write within 1 minute, it will automatically trigger.

When the ratio of (number of modifications/current total rows) of the table is greater than tidb_auto_analyze_ratio, the analyze statement will be automatically triggered. The default value of tidb_auto_analyze_ratio is 0.5, which means auto analyze is enabled by default. To be on the safe side, when enabling auto analyze, the minimum value of tidb_auto_analyze_ratio is 0.3. However, this variable value cannot be greater than or equal to pseudo-estimate-ratio (default value is 0.8), otherwise pseudo statistics will be used for a period of time. It is recommended to set the value to 0.5.

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Check the amount of data in the table; if it’s too small, it might not trigger the automatic update of statistics.

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I just collected and then deleted the statistics, collected again, and it became 100, but after a few days, it happened again. The key issue is with these few tables, others are normal and have data.

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Did these tables have any data changes before they became 0?