Statistics Information Invalid for High TPS Tables in TiDB

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Original topic: TiDB高TPS表统计信息失效

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This week, on the 23rd and 25th, starting from midnight, a certain log business application’s connection pool was filled, causing new read and write requests to fail and resulting in numerous errors in the program. This business application performs both reads and writes in TiDB, involving TiDB version 5.1.4.


  • From the Grafana performance monitoring, it was found that starting from midnight, the P999 latency time soared to around 2 minutes, and the CPU utilization of the TiKV nodes was nearly saturated. The business application side has not had any new deployments recently (this business application has been running stably for several months).

  • From the TiDB dashboard heatmap, it was found that starting from midnight on the 23rd, the read volume of the xxx_23 and xxx_25 tables soared, with no anomalies at other times.

  • In the slow query log, the update delay for the xxx_25 table was 7-8 minutes (normally the delay is within tens of milliseconds). The execution plan showed that the update was a full table scan (there is a composite index on xxx_id and xxx2_id), with millions of rows in the table. Multiple updates that did not use the index caused full table locks, resulting in lock waits and further increasing the delay time.
  execute_status = 2,
  msg = ''
  xxx_id = 6342
  AND xxx2_id = 'xxxx';

  • The automatic table statistics collection time is configured from 01:00 to 08:00.
mysql> show global variables like '%tidb_auto_analyze%';
| Variable_name                | Value       |
| tidb_auto_analyze_end_time   | 08:00 +0800 |
| tidb_auto_analyze_ratio      | 0.5         |
| tidb_auto_analyze_start_time | 01:00 +0800 |
  • This business application uses a daily partitioned table scenario xxx_01 to xxx_31, with large update and insert volumes, and the auto-increment ID is generated sequentially; TiDB’s automatic statistics collection behavior version is 1.

mysql> show global variables like '%tidb_analyze_%';
| Variable_name        | Value |
| tidb_analyze_version | 1     |


  • After manually collecting the table statistics, the read and write volume and latency of the table returned to normal. Subsequently, a scheduled task was added to separately collect statistics for high TPS tables.

  • The question is, besides separately collecting table statistics for high TPS tables, is there any other way to ensure that statistics are automatically and correctly collected?
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The automatic task did not collect successfully, so it can only be executed manually. Otherwise, you can write a script yourself to check the execution results regularly.

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Write your own script to collect it. I encountered a situation before where the default collection couldn’t be completed in a few hours and failed, but manual collection only took a few minutes.

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Your tidb_auto_analyze_ratio is set too high, it might be difficult to trigger automatically at this ratio.

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Write logs and set timers

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  • The automatic collection of table statistics is configured from 01:00 to 08:00. This time range for collecting statistics seems a bit short.
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In the production environment, high traffic during the day consumes a lot of TiDB node memory, and automatic statistics collection during the day may cause TiDB nodes to OOM. This has happened before in production.

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