Statistics Information Not Automatically Collected

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Original topic: 统计信息未自动收集

| username: chenhanneu

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The default parameters for statistics collection have not been adjusted, and the health of some tables is 0, yet statistics are still not being collected automatically.
Some tables do collect statistics automatically.
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Is the table that hasn’t been collected either very small in data volume or empty?

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Can you see any anomalies in the logs related to statistics collection?

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Are those tables frequently subjected to large batches of DML or being truncated?

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There are about 1 million pieces of data, and it won’t truncate. It was synchronized from upstream MySQL using DM, and manual collection has never been done. No analyze-related errors were found in the logs.

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Check if this is useful:

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Is the data continuously coming in? I remember that TiDB has a mechanism for automatically collecting statistics: it won’t collect for small or empty tables; also, if the table has continuous writes, it won’t collect either. I personally recommend you manually collect statistics for tables with a health score below 0.7.

| username: chenhanneu | Original post link

Basically, there are always data changes. I collected them manually first, and then observed whether it would be automatic when it reaches the threshold.