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Introduction of TiDB v6.5+ Versions and New Features and Advantages

With the continuous iteration and upgrade of TiDB versions, Homework Help has also started to pay attention to and adopt the new features and optimizations brought by the new versions. In TiDB v6.5, the synchronization performance of TiCDC has been significantly improved. The automatic expiration deletion feature and the advantages of the primary-backup cluster architecture in a dual-cloud environment have brought revolutionary changes in data synchronization and management for Homework Help.

Significant Improvement in TiCDC Synchronization Performance

In TiDB v6.5, the synchronization performance of TiCDC (TiDB Change Data Capture) has been significantly enhanced. TiCDC, as a component that captures and transmits data changes, is crucial for businesses that need real-time data synchronization to downstream systems. Compared to TiDB v5, the new version has achieved tens of times improvement in data synchronization, effectively solving the synchronization delay issues present in previous versions.

Automatic Expiration Deletion Feature

TiDB v7.5.1 introduced the automatic expiration deletion feature, which allows users to automatically clean up expired data by adding a time field to the table. This not only helps reduce storage costs but also meets business needs for data timeliness. In his speech, Mr. Liu Qiang from Homework Help shared practical application cases of the automatic expiration deletion feature and emphasized the importance of optimizing CPU usage by adjusting parameters.

Primary-Backup Cluster Architecture in Dual-Cloud Environment

As enterprises’ requirements for data security and availability increase, multi-cloud deployment is gradually becoming a trend. In a dual-cloud environment, the primary-backup cluster architecture based on TiCDC not only enhances system availability but also provides new solutions for data synchronization and management in a multi-cloud environment. Mr. Liu Qiang from Homework Help detailed the advantages and implementation details of this architecture in his speech.

:raised_hands: Tongcheng Travel

As the person in charge of TiDB operations at Tongcheng Travel, Mr. Tian Shuaimeng has been familiar with TiDB’s features, capability boundaries, and the advantages of new versions since 2019. Facing the challenges of data volume surge and complex query processing during business peak periods, Mr. Shuaimeng decided to upgrade the core system to TiDB v7.5.1.

Practical Analysis of Performance Improvement

After upgrading to TiDB v7.5.1, the first noticeable change was the significant performance improvement. During business peak periods, TiDB exhibited at least a doubling of performance, thanks to improvements in query optimization, execution plan binding, and other areas in the new version. Especially in handling complex SQL and multi-index scenarios, the optimizer’s performance has been greatly enhanced, reducing full table scans and significantly lowering TiKV’s CPU consumption and TiDB’s memory usage.

Application and Advantages of New Features

The automatic expiration deletion feature introduced in TiDB v7.5.1 brought an automated and intelligent experience to data management. By adding a time field to the table, the system can automatically clean up expired data, simplifying data lifecycle management, reducing storage costs, and meeting business needs for data timeliness.

Enhanced Stability and Observability

Stability is the core requirement of online services. After upgrading to TiDB v7.5.1, the core database system demonstrated excellent stability during this year’s May Day holiday, with no failures, ensuring business continuity and data accuracy.

The new version enhanced TiDB’s observability, providing more intelligent monitoring and diagnostic tools. The shareable dashboard feature allows business teams to intuitively discover slow queries, while the top SQL feature makes problematic SQL queries easily identifiable. These tools greatly improve the efficiency of problem detection and resolution.

Upgrade Comparison Results

Comparison of TiDB v5.0.4 vs TiDB v7.5.1:

TiDB v7.5.1 version outperforms v5.0.4 version by about 8-10 times in terms of 999 latency and 99 latency, with significant reductions in business latency.


Comparison from Moderator @h5n1 of TiDB v5.2.3 vs TiDB v7.5.1:

TiDB v7.5.1 version handles requests more evenly, with reduced jitter and stable business request latency.


TiDB v7.5.1 version significantly reduces PD TSO request latency, with no more occasional TSO wait timeouts.


TiDB v7.5.1 version also significantly reduces IOPS request counts, indicating increased memory request handling and reduced reliance on disk reads and writes.

In business, some query latencies have been reduced from tens of seconds to within seconds, with stable database response and reduced latency.


Perspective of Long-Time Users: Adapting to Rapid Iteration

As a long-time user of TiDB, the rapid iteration of TiDB is highly appreciated. Each iteration not only fixes known issues but also introduces performance improvements and new features, making the system more complete and powerful. Through close cooperation with the TiDB community, timely support is obtained, ensuring a smooth upgrade process.

Advice for New Users: Directly Upgrade to v7.1.5

For new users, Mr. Shuaimeng recommends directly upgrading to TiDB v7.1.5. This version has not only proven its stability but also offers significant improvements in performance and new features. By directly adopting the latest version, new users can avoid the complexity and risks of gradual upgrades and quickly enjoy all the benefits brought by TiDB.

We can see that TiDB v6.5 shows its strong competitiveness in performance improvement, new feature introduction, and adaptability to business growth:

  • Performance Improvement, Enhanced TiCDC Synchronization: The new version of TiDB significantly improves TiCDC synchronization performance, bringing revolutionary improvements to business scenarios requiring real-time data synchronization and greatly reducing data synchronization latency.
  • Storage Optimization, Automatic Expiration Deletion: The automatic expiration deletion feature introduced in v7.5.1 effectively manages data lifecycle, automates expired data cleanup, reduces storage costs, and simplifies data management processes.
  • Architectural Advantage, Primary-Backup Cluster in Dual-Cloud Environment: Adapting to the trend of multi-cloud deployment, the primary-backup cluster architecture based on TiCDC enhances system availability and disaster recovery flexibility, ensuring data security.
  • Enhanced Stability After Upgrade: By upgrading from TiDB v5 to v7.5.1, Mr. Shuaimeng experienced enhanced stability during business peak periods, with smooth operation during the May Day holiday and no failures.
  • Improved Observability, Enhanced Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools: The new version provides improved dashboard and top SQL features, making slow query and problematic SQL identification more intuitive and convenient, enhancing problem detection and resolution efficiency.
  • Upgrade Strategy, Risk Control: By adopting a strategy of creating new clusters and data migration for upgrades, the risks during the upgrade process were effectively controlled, and data consistency was ensured through thorough preparation.
  • Parameter Tuning: During the upgrade process, parameter configuration issues were resolved by adjusting configurations and increasing cache capacity, effectively addressing performance degradation issues.
  • Cost-Effectiveness, Data Archiving and Compression: Optimizing storage space usage with CPU resources provides a cost-effective solution for write-heavy, read-light scenarios.
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