Suggest integrating TiKV heap analysis into the dashboard

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Original topic: 建议将tikv的heap分析集成进dashboard

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Currently, TiDB Dashboard does not provide heap analysis for TiKV. When you go to Advanced Debugging → Instance Performance Analysis → Manual Analysis, select TiKV, and check heap, the result will show “Not Applicable.” As shown in the image below:

However, TiKV does provide this interface to some extent. By searching, you can find this interface. I have tried it myself, and it does work. The link is as follows:

First, we need to collect heap files. In version 6.1, we can use commands to collect them.


The first command activates heap collection, collecting every 10 seconds. The second command views the generated heap files, and the third command deactivates heap collection. One thing to note here is that when you deactivate heap collection, it will automatically delete all previously collected heap files. So, before executing the third command, you need to move the heap files to another location.

I have tried these three interfaces myself, and they do work. Although they cannot directly meet the requirements for integration into the dashboard, they are not far off.

I hope these interfaces can be improved so that heap analysis can be integrated into the dashboard like TiDB.

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Indeed, the flame graph of PD can directly generate a heap file through the interface at http://x.x.x.x:2379/debug/pprof/heap, and you can directly view it using go tool pprof, which is very convenient.

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Submit a request to the official team.

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Just state your requirements directly.

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In the upcoming version 7.5, TiKV will enable heap profiling by default and integrate it into the TiDB dashboard for one-click access.

For related issues, see Improve TiKV OOM diagnosis routine · Issue #15927 · tikv/tikv · GitHub

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Great, it’s much more convenient with this feature now.

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