Suggestions for Including 101 Course Content in Official Documentation

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Original topic: 101课程内容建议写到官方文档中

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In the current 101 course, the content taught by the instructor is almost nowhere to be found in the official documentation. The instructor is quite good at teaching, but there are also issues, such as repeating the same points. For example, some points are introduced at the beginning of the course, and just when you think the instructor is done, they are repeated again after a while. This makes the course feel very disorganized and lacking in structure. I estimate that many people who have struggled through the 101 course share my feelings. It would be better if the instructor could prepare a mind map before the lesson.

Moreover, the most critical issue is that the content taught in the 101 course is almost not found in the official documentation. Even if the instructor makes a mistake or is inaccurate, we wouldn’t know. I hope the officials can take a look at what I’ve written and not assume that just because no one is saying anything, the course is problem-free.

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Hello, thumbs up for your courage, thumbs up for your attentiveness, keep it up!!!

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Thank you. I am also an IT lecturer and have obtained Oracle 11g OCM and MySQL OCP certifications. It might be related to the teaching style, but overall, I find the 101 course particularly exhausting. It’s not because the knowledge points are difficult, but because when you listen carefully, you’ll find that the organization needs improvement. The teacher is good, but the main issue lies in the course materials and the teaching logic.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I will pass it on to the course production team.

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It would be better to have it in a document; watching videos is too slow.

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Indeed, there is no documentation.