Suggestions for TiDB Version Issues

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Original topic: tidb版本问题建议

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As a DBA with many years of experience, I have been in touch with TiDB for a few years and have also obtained TiDB certification. However, it was only recently that I had the opportunity to start using TiDB in a production environment.

Personally, I think TiDB is excellent in terms of product architecture, database functionality, and especially the database ecosystem. I also have a suggestion that I hope can be adopted.

Everyone knows that for database products, when it comes to new features, people are more concerned about the stability, reliability, and security of the product. Therefore, I hope that TiDB’s version management can reduce the number of branches and manage a few major versions well. This way, users will have a deeper impression and it will be easier to pass on knowledge. For example, MySQL 5.1, MySQL 5.5, MySQL 5.7, MySQL 8.0—everyone in the industry is familiar with these versions. Each version iterates over several years, ensuring product stability and reliability.

Finally, I sincerely hope that TiDB continues to develop and becomes a shining star in the database industry!

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Times may be different now, and the current philosophy is rapid change, adding new features as they come.

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Double-edged sword. If it’s for a project, it’s fine, but if it’s for a product, the features should be strictly selected. Sometimes you need to make choices between core modules and peripheral functions!

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Actually, after using it for a while, it feels pretty much the same. We started upgrading from 4.5 to 5.4, and then to 6. As long as the major versions are correct, the minor versions don’t need to be considered. MySQL 5, MySQL 6, etc., as long as the major versions are consistent, the minor versions don’t need to be considered.

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:innocent: I don’t understand what you’re saying.

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After using TiDB for a long time (and being active on this forum for a long time), the most mainstream versions are basically 4.5, 5.4, and 6.0 (personal opinion).

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The original poster probably means they want to standardize the version, like Oracle 19c which only gets minor patches and the version number only changes in the second digit. In some industries, frequent version changes are not feasible, and when the higher-ups see a major version change, they don’t want to upgrade. :joy: