Synchronizing Data from TiDB 4.0.13 to TiDB 6.5 Using CDC

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Original topic: tidb4.0.13版本通过cdc同步数据到tidb6.5版本

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment 4013
【Reproduction Path】What operations were performed when the issue occurred
Want to perform a synchronization upgrade from a lower version to a higher version
【Encountered Issue: Issue Symptoms and Impact】
Has anyone done this before? What issues might arise?

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You should ask when you encounter a problem. Haha.

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Each customer’s environment is different.

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Not sure if this will cause any issues, so I’m doing some preliminary research.

| username: Daniel-W | Original post link

I have only worked with 5.x and synchronized it to 6.x through binlog.

| username: 路在何chu | Original post link

I plan to upgrade a TiDB cluster this way next year, not sure if it will work.

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There are many pitfalls with ticdc in version 4.x, but you can give it a try.

However, ticdc only handles incremental data, and existing data will have to be transferred using other methods.

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It is recommended to upgrade the 4.x cluster to 6.x before synchronizing.

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Have you worked on 6 to 5?

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In theory, it should be possible because our CDC also synchronizes to MySQL 8.0 for full synchronization. TiDB’s compatibility should be better than MySQL, right?

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:thinking: Are you looking to perform cross-version data synchronization or cross-version upgrades?

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Cross-version synchronization, then stop the business, switch and upgrade.

| username: 路在何chu | Original post link

You can also test the switch first this way.

| username: wangccsy | Original post link

Directly upgrade to 7.5.

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Just give it a try, and address any issues as they arise. At least it won’t affect your current database.

| username: xingzhenxiang | Original post link

I feel that the binlog method is still better in this version, as TiCDC is just getting started in this version.

| username: kkpeter | Original post link

We didn’t encounter any issues during our migration.

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For TiDB v4.0.13, it is strongly recommended to use TiCDC v4.0.16 or later versions. Otherwise, there is a risk of PD crashing due to rapid consumption of metadata space by etcd when synchronizing large amounts of data.

We have performed synchronization from v4.0.2 to v5.4 and verified that versions of TiCDC v4.0.16 and later are relatively stable.

Currently, it is strongly recommended that you simulate business load access scenarios in your own testing environment and fully verify before executing in production.

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In this situation, we generally perform a backup and restore with the same version, then upgrade. Alternatively, we directly upgrade in place.

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Stop the business, back up, and upgrade in place.