Sysbench --config-file=config oltp_point_select --tables=32 --table-size=10000000 warmup

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Original topic: sysbench --config-file=config oltp_point_select --tables=32 --table-size=10000000 warmup

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[TiDB Version] 6.5
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How to Test TiDB with Sysbench | PingCAP Documentation Center
I followed the official documentation above to test TiDB with Sysbench, but encountered an error during data preheating. Could the experts please help clarify?

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Try updating the sysbench version.

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Try changing “warmup” to “prepare”.

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The prepare has been executed.

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I made a mistake… I have an older version of sysbench. I tried version 1.0.20 and it indeed doesn’t have the warmup option. I suspect it’s a documentation error. Version 1.1.0 does have it, or you can manually warm up the data and collect statistics. For example, SELECT count(pad) from sbtest1 use index(k_1); ANALYZE TABLE sbtest1;