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Original topic: 表的统计信息

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The cluster has a large amount of data and many tables, and there are often slow SQL queries. Is there any way to find out which tables have problematic statistics?

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Is there a table to check the health of the tables?

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SHOW stats_healthy

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There are no tables to check, but non-partitioned tables can be calculated.

You can check the health of table statistics and roughly estimate the accuracy of the statistics on the table through SHOW STATS_HEALTHY. When modify_count >= row_count, the health is 0; when modify_count < row_count, the health is (1 - modify_count/row_count) * 100.

According to the official documentation, for non-partitioned tables, you can sort the health of the tables with the following SQL:

SELECT t.TABLE_SCHEMA, t.table_name, m.table_id, FLOOR(IF(m.modify_count >= m.count, 0, (1 - m.modify_count/m.count) * 100)) AS healthy 
FROM mysql.stats_meta m, information_schema.tables t 
WHERE table_id = TIDB_TABLE_ID AND TABLE_SCHEMA = 'xxxxxxxxxx' 
ORDER BY healthy;

It is still unclear how to obtain the health of partitioned tables.

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Directly use SQL :joy:
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So early, huh? :joy:

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The early bird catches the worm :face_with_peeking_eye:

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This is excellent. Reaching the goal so early.

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Thank you, everyone.

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Partition tables can treat partitions as tables, using a function to calculate their health – stats: support show stats for partition table by lamxTyler · Pull Request #8023 · pingcap/tidb (

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